Terry Sneed


BSCE, Purdue University
Professional Certificates
Earthquake Engineering, UCLA
Electric Power Engineering, UCLA
Engineering Management, UCLA


Structural Engineer, CA #S1697
Civil Engineer, CA #18,133
Professional Engineer, IN #13,547
Civil & Structural Engineer, WA #24,251
Civil & Structural Engineer, OR #17,094
Civil & Structural Engineer, NV #10,829

Terry served as the Chairman of the Los Angeles Earthquake Task Force Non-structural Elements Sub-committee (Elevators and Escalators) from 1994 to 1997. This committee was the first to recognize the need for seismic restraints and story drift requirements for escalators and to put these requirements into code language. Much of Terry’s original code language exists in the current ASME A17.1.

Terry holds three elevator and escalator U.S. Patent Office Patents.

“Whether the elevator or escalator project is a modernization or a new installation, we enjoy working with our clients to find solutions to special problems, whether it is engineering a solution to lift the 20,000 pound elevator hoist machines at the Stratosphere Tower in las Vegas while the isolation pads are replaced, engineering the seismic restraints for the people mover at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles or the design of seismic restraints and story drifts for the 40 escalators at the Automated People Mover project at LAX.”

Sotero Chaidez


BSCE, Cal. State University Los Angeles

Engineering licenses:

Civil Engineer, CA #61,170
Structural Engineer, CA #S5341

Sotero has worked at Sneed Engineering since 1996.

He has extensive experience in all structural engineering aspects of escalators and elevators. He routinely solves elevator and escalator problems that most other structural engineers have not encountered. He has engineered hundreds of elevators that have been plan checked by DSA and OSHPD.

“One of the most interesting projects I have worked on was the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. I enjoyed this project because it required innovative design solutions due to the unique shape of the building. It has sloping and angled walls. As part of the solution, we used Sneed Engineering’s patented Adjustable Non-weld rail brackets.”

Tom Sheedy


BSCE, Gonzaga University
MS Construction Management, Stanford University

Tom has fifteen years’ experience on the design side of elevators and escalators on top of 20 years on the building side of the construction business, so he knows what it takes for a project to be successful.

Tom takes the lead in all things AutoCAD, drafting and finding solutions big and small for elevators and escalators. Toms drafting and engineering knowledge shines on elevator modernizations and projects where there are space restrictions and clearances are minimal.

Jeff Sneed


MSCE, Norwich University

Engineering licenses:

Civil Engineer, CA #88,111

A registered professional Engineer in the state of California with decade of design experience. Jeff has a Patent for an Escalator Seismic Restraint.

Jeff is responsible for finite structural analysis in the office and has experience modeling escalator trusses, machine stands and acoustic slabs for dynamic and seismic forces.

Jeff also makes construction site visits to develop construction drawings for elevator modernizations and escalator hoisting plans.

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