Sotero Chaidez

Sotero Chaidez

BSCE, Cal. State University Los Angeles

Engineering licenses:
Civil Engineer, CA #61,170
Structural Engineer, CA #S5341

Sotero has worked at Sneed Engineering since 1996.

He has extensive experience in all structural engineering aspects of escalators and elevators. He routinely solves elevator and escalator problems that most other structural engineers have not encountered. He has engineered hundreds of elevators that have been plan checked by DSA and OSHPD.

“Óne of the most interesting projects I have worked on was the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. I enjoyed this project because it required innovative design solutions due to the unique shape of the building. It has sloping and angled walls. As part of the solution, we used Sneed Engineering’s patented Adjustable Non-weld rail brackets.”